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I work a lot with print products, so if you need help with a print run of business cards for your firm, or if you're about to release an annual report and need it to look good, the GKDC has got you covered.


Starting a business and need a website to tell the world about it? Just thought of a crazy idea that no one else has thought of before? Say no more – the GKDC has got you covered.


Wether or not you're in need of a total rebrand – including various versions of your logo and solid brand guidelines, or you're just looking to get a touch-up of your existing logo, the GKDC has got you covered.

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The GKDC isn't above helping someone out who can't afford to pay. Those things come around.

What we don't do is work for free for someone who can afford us.


There are super talented designers out there who will design a killer iPhone app for your.

Unfortunately, none of them are here.