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Teknikkvinnor is a massive facebook group for women in technology and engineering. They approached me about doing a redesign of their existing logo, but during the research I stumbled upon this idea where the T and K could be represented as different orientations of the skip icon on a hi-fi system. This then evolved into their new logo as well as a library of icons that can all used to represent different messages.


Choosing colors for for Teknikkvinnor was a bit of a hassle. The client was set on using purple in some way, but we wanted to find a hue that worked well on both dark and light backgrounds. The accent colors include a green (displayed below), as well as a red, that are both used for joint venture marketing.

Teknikkvinnor colors


The logo combines the recognizable shape of a skip on a hi-fi system to form the letters T and K. The original idea was to go with a redesign of their previous logo, but after creating this logo, the entire team was sure about making a bigger change.

Color lock-ups of the Teknikkvinnor logotype
White lock-ups of the Teknikkvinnor logotype
Joint venture logotypes used by Teknikkvinnor

Logotype in use

These are a selection of mockups and screenshots that display the Teknikkvinnor logotype as it's being used.

Mockup of business cards for Teknikkvinnor
Mockup of the Teknikkvinnor logotype in use


Along with the logotype, Teknikkvinnor also got a set of icons derived from the logo, that can be used in marketing materials.

Example print of one of the Teknikkvinnor icons in use
Collection of icons used by Teknikkvinnor
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