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I worked with Sicada for a year, helping them with the design of their logo, brand guidelines, website, as well as software UI/UX. The logo is based on a simplified outline of a Cicada, and is colored in the colors of Sicada's parent firm. The website was designed to give a brief overview of their product offering, while at the same time aiming to explain some of the technical details to interested customers. Sicada offers devices that connect infrastructure components to a software system, allowing customers to monitor the status of everything from elevators to cellar dampness.


The colors for Sicada where picked based on the colors of owner firm, Sdiptech. The design of both the Sicada website and their product used the yellow color a lot, complemented by a dark gray.

Sicada colors

Font choice

The Sicada tool was developed as a React application for mobile devices. This tool uses the system font on whichever device it is used. The website works in much the same way, using San Francisco when opened on a Mac or iOS device, although it prefers Open Sans when opened on a Windows machine.

Logotype design

As suggested by the the name, Sicada, the logo is a stylistic representation of a cicada. It's a very simple design that works well on multiple sizes, as well as in multiple colors.

Color lock-ups of the Sicada logotype
White lock-ups of the Sicada logotype
Sicada logotype sketches


The website was designed mainly as a place to tell potential customers about the service. It was designed to use a lot of images, giving a sense of the scale at which the tool can be used.

Desktop homepage
Desktop footer
Mobile UI
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