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Lotsvillan is a hostel located in the South of Sweden, a short distance away from the ocean. I've worked with Lotsvillan since I was 15, when I designed my first website. Since then, I've had the opportunity to redesign their website twice. Once in order to make it work on mobile devices with HiDPI displays, and once when moving it from static HTML to Wordpress. During the later redesign I also made some alterations to the original logo.


Choosing colors for Lotsvillan wasn't all that difficult. The hostel is located just by the coast, overlooking the beautiful ocean. The colors used are slight revisions of the ones in the original logotype.

Lotsvillan from above
Color sheme for Lotsvillan

Font pairing

For fonts I went with some very safe bets. The site is now set in Open Sans, a sans-serif font commissioned by Google. It sports close-to-full Unicode support, and looks beautiful on both small and large sizes. The logotype is set in Helvetica Bold.


The website is built using Webflow, enabling Lotsvillan staff to edit information on their site themselves. This is the tool I most often use for websites, since it offers exactly this functionality.

From the point of view of design, I tried to incorporate as much imagery as possible. The Lotsvillan hostel is popular especially during summer, and the image where chosen in a way the emphasizes how nice it looks during the summer months. The footer is a good example of how colors were used to blend into images.

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