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Hidden Dreams


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Hidden Dreams works with people with varying experiences from large organizations, in order to develop solutions to large corporate hurdles. The brief was a redesign of their existing logotype, along with the production of brand guidelines for use by the Hidden Dreams team.


The colors where more or less defined in the brief, although the project led me to redefine some of them, as well as introducing standards for which colors to use when printing 4-color and offset.

Hidden Dreams colors


The logotype represents a combination of a dream catcher, a cog and a sight – all with different meanings to the core business activities.These items were more or less a part of the original design, but were given actual meaning during the redesign. These parts where also delivered as separate icons for use in marketing.

For the logotype in use on dark backgrounds, a border was added in order not to have to invert the colors of the cog and sight.

Hidden Dreams logotype in color
Hidden Dreams logotype in white

Logotype in use

Hidden Dreams wall poster using the sight icon from the logo
Hidden Dreams business cards
Hidden Dreams ID tags
Hidden Dreams tote bag


The Hidden Dreams website was built using Squarespace, mainly because they already had a site built there – so I could base the new site on their existing one.

Desktop homepage
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